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National Society of Black Engineers, Los Angeles Appoints DAS Estates, LLC Co-Founder Sean Allen as 2024 Mentorship Program Ambassador

[LOS ANGELES, CA] – DAS Estates, LLC and the National Society of Black Engineer’s (NSBE) - Los Angeles Professionals are proud to announce Sean Allen as the official 2024 Ambassador for the NSBE - LA Professionals Mentorship Program. This strategic collaboration with Mr. Allen underscores NSBE’s continued commitment to fostering mentorship, cultivating transformational career opportunities for aspiring Black engineers, and driving positive social change within the engineering community.

In January 2024, NSBE - Los Angeles Professionals held its annual kick-off meeting where Allen encouraged aspiring engineers to work proactively with their mentors to accomplish S.M.A.R.T. goals built upon the foundation of community and collaboration. Allen, whose background as a civil engineer led to expansive roles as a certified professional career coach, real estate expert and project management consultant, believes the art of developing a successful mentorship program can be streamlined by integrating Artificial Intelligence into the program framework. This empowers the program administrators, mentees, and mentors to focus less on laborious tasks and more on what matters most, the human connection.

“In this work, we pivot the mentee to really drive that outreach; we want the mentee to be engaged in the process,” Allen stated. “Our mentorship program is really a guiding compass that will give us a framework for growth and collaboration.”

Nirmala Mahadeven, civil engineer in the water industry, and Mentorship Program Chair and Co-Chair of the Professional Development Committee for NSBE - Los Angeles Professionals, says the organization is honored to welcome Allen as the Ambassador for their Mentorship Program.

“Allen's energy and commitment to increasing program participation covering a variety of STEM careers available to our mentees perfectly aligns with our mission, and we are confident that his involvement will significantly elevate the professionalism and overall impact of our mentorship program," she stated.

Tynesha Bonds, an electrical engineer in the Defense Industry, and Program Chair for NSBE - Los Angeles Professionals, says “Sean is young, vibrant, captivating, and was extremely vulnerable at the kickoff meeting.” “His unique expertise as a certified professional career coach allows us to effectively scale our mentorship program and foster meaningful connections between our mentors and mentees,” she added. “We’re thrilled to partner with Sean this year.”

Allen’s knack for utilizing Artificial Intelligence to improve program outcomes will also serve as a benefit to reaching NSBE Los Professionals’ mentorship program goals. Jason J. Dorsette, President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Linn Benton Chapter, says Sean has helped their organization “bring in a whole new era of change management by incorporating AI in a way this is appropriate, honorable and culturally sound.” “This is the high-level strategic planning and innovation that’s been very integral to our success,” Dorsette stated.

True to Allen’s Real Goal Setter® mentality, this pragmatic problem solver is moving full steam ahead with plans to boost NSBE – LA Professionals Mentorship Program. “My goal is to implement simple program workflows that give our mentors and mentees the time needed to develop meaningful connections,” Allen stated. “I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to serve as this year's Mentorship Program Ambassador and I look forward to maximizing every opportunity to position our scholars and mentees for ultimate professional success.

About NSBE - LA Professionals

NSBE – LA Professionals Mentorship Program is a cornerstone initiative designed to provide guidance, support, and professional development opportunities to individuals seeking to navigate their career paths, educational journeys, or personal growth. The program pairs mentees with experienced mentors, creating a platform for knowledge transfer, skill development, and networking.

About Sean Allen & DAS Estates, LLC

Sean Allen is a civil engineer with a multi-faceted background as a certified professional career coach, public speaker, real estate expert and project management consultant. Allen has captivated audiences all over the United States and abroad, championing the use of AI to streamline workflows to free human minds for higher order thinking and meaningful connection. Sean's AI-powered strategies have empowered diverse clients like the University of La Verne, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the National Society of Black Engineers Los Angeles Professionals Chapter to broaden their scope of operational efficiency. Follow Sean Allen @TheRealGoalSetter for career tips and to stay updated on his journey as the NSBE – LA Professionals Mentorship Program Ambassador.

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