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Sean Allen Featured on ‘The AI Chicks’ Podcast to Discuss the Intersection of AI in Project Management

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – Recently, AI expert and project management innovator, Sean Allen, shared his insights on the AI Chicks Podcast, discussing how artificial intelligence is transforming project management by reducing laborious tasks and enhancing efficiency. The episode delves into practical applications of AI tools that streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Traditional vs. AI Project Management With Sean Allen

Sean sits down with Aisha Corpas Wynn and Lana Hout of THE AI CHICKS to discuss the integration of AI in project management  - exploring how AI streamlines the process, provides real-time tracking, and reshapes the jobs within project management. Sean reveals how leveraging AI tools, like Wrike and Canva, revolutionizes project workflows and communication in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. See YouTube short and listen below!

Listen to Sean’s episode on the AI Chicks Podcast here.


About Sean Allen

Sean Allen is a real estate investor, engineer and pragmatic AI expert with extensive experience in integrating artificial intelligence into project management. His innovative approach helps organizations optimize their operations and achieve greater efficiency. Sean is a sought-after speaker and consultant, known for his ability to translate complex AI concepts into actionable strategies.


About AI Chicks Podcast

AI Chicks Podcast features notable executive producer Aisha Corpas Wynn and top business broker Lana Hout who join forces to demystify the complexities of Artificial Intelligence and make it accessible to all.


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